Chapel Communion and Café

The first Sunday of the month has a traditional Communion service in the Chapel at 8.45am, followed by a combined morning tea and Café service which starts around 10am with King’s Kids.  The Café service meets around tables.  It is more discussion based and reflective.  There tends to be no sermon as such but the sharing together is where the message is gained.


9.30am.  This family service begins with everyone together and after about the first 20 minutes the Children and youth go to their programmes.  This includes programmes for pre-school (King’s Kindy), Primary (King’s Kids), and Youth (Wired). Music includes a mix of contemporary and traditional.

Thursday Service

10 am each Thursday provides an opportunity for people who cannot make it to Sunday on their own. Church members provide transport to bring them. It is also a good chance for people wanting an extra service or who cannot make it on Sunday for some other reason. The Service takes about ½ an hour and is followed by morning tea.