Greetings everyone

I am sure you are all getting excited about the Passover Dinner on Saturday night at 6 pm.  Sophie has worked very hard arranging this for all those who have given her their names and Robin, Matt, Sue and Elizabeth and all the table hosts have been most supportive.  The provision of food is all arranged and the programme for the event printed. Have a wonderful experience everyone.  It is very memorable and appropriate for the start of Holy Week.

This Sunday is Palm Sunday and Matt will be giving the message at 9.30 am  “The Surprising King” with the reading from Luke 19: 37 – 48.



There are flyers in the foyer inviting folk to our Easter Services.  Please collect and distribute to your neighbours on Sunday.

It is Neighbours Day on Sunday. Have you made a plan to greet them?

Third Week  of the course – Belonging Tuesday 7—8 30 pm in the sanctuary.

Thank offering

We have received more than $19,000 in thank offering donations so far.  Thank you all.  Receipts will be available next month with the annual receipts but if you would like your receipts emailed to you, please contact Janine on

If you haven’t yet made a thank offering and would like to do so in this tax year, please make sure that your donation is received on or before 31 March 2021.

There is a box of cutlery which will be in the foyer on Sunday that does not match any of the church sets.  Please look through them and see if your missing knife, fork or spoon is in the box.  They will be going to the Op Shop if not claimed.   Also look in the cupboard in the kitchen for your ‘lost’ plates.

Church  Camp at Totara Springs on 13th to 15th August. Matt is really excited about this weekend and would like the church family to enjoy what’s on offer. Please diarise. More details soon.

Name Tags   If you do not have a name tag, please will you tell Jane. If you have one please wear it so we can get to know each other.

Please note that there is only one service at 9.30 am on Easter Sunday in the sanctuary even though it is the first Sunday of the month.

There is a Dawn Service on Stockade Hill at 6.30 am on Easter Sunday.

Tania will be manning the office tomorrow, Friday, and Monday.  I am having a long weekend away. Thank you Tania



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